Discover How Rewarding a Top-Tier Referral and Broker Program Can Be

Here at Golden Capital Solutions, we have a respectable referral and broker program that’s the talk of the industry. Our competitors often wonder how we keep our brokers from looking elsewhere for work. The answer lies in the rewarding structure of our referral and broker program. Our brokers know that with each deal they help us close, they’ll be handsomely rewarded. Here are some of the top reasons our brokers continue to bring referrals to our door:

  • We always pay promptly as soon as we are able to close a facilitated deal.
  • Our referral fees and commissions are highly desirable and motivating.
  • We never steal clients. If you bring a referral to us, we will never go behind your back to contact the client directly for future financing deals.
  • We go out of our way to protect our brokers and their referrals. To do this, we offer clear fee disclosures and similar protections.

If you’re longing to be part of a referral and broker program that treats you well, we encourage you to preview one or more transactions with us.

Apply for Our Sales Team

Currently, we’re looking for exceptional salespeople to help us grow our business. Our sales team benefits from the following:

  • Work location flexibility
  • Access to talented customer service representatives who can help close deals
  • World-class financial tools to help you take care of your clients and meet their financing needs
  • Generous lending programs and top-tier financing resources

To qualify for our sales team, you do need to have previous experience in sales. We’re also looking for people who are:

  • Driven to succeed
  • Kind and genuine
  • Know how to use humor while remaining professional
  • Organized and tidy
  • Confident and able to overcome rejection

We’d love to talk with you and learn more about you and your sales qualifications. Give us a call to set up an interview.